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Nowadays, no one can do without communicating. Moreover, communication is necessary for the achievement of a good overall strategy. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to know where to start to the point of not knowing how to budget for communications. Through this article, we will share with you the four essential steps to organize and achieve your communication budget. 1. Start planning the communication budget based on your turnover It’s simple, you only have to allocate a percentage of the revenue you forecast to the communication strategy.

This will allow you to determine a budget limit and the priority of actions to be carried out and therefore better plan this communication budget. The budget depends on the customers you are targeting and the maturity of your product. It is mainly between 3 and 11% of your turnover. 2. Organize your choices using these criteria to establish your budget Company or product situation You need to know what phase of the life cycle your product is in. If it is a newly launched product (Launch phase), you have to invest a lot in order to make yourself known to your target audience. It will take at least 10% of turnover, ie some companies invest up to 50%. Activity area Above all, you need to identify important business and calendar events in your industry.

Draw balance sheets to plan this budget

These key dates are important in order to be able to distribute the communication budget intelligently over the year. For example, the children’s toy store cannot miss the date of the school holidays! The market You must know the size of your market as India Phone Number well as the actions taken by your competitors to better establish your communication budget. You also need to know your target audience and how they consume, this is very important if you want to do good internal market research. To find out more: Buyer persona: how to define it? Communication actions! More precisely.

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Acquisition of advertising spaceNon-media chargesProduction costsThe cost of the time allocated to the operation It is necessary to write reports of your communication actions. Before, it was difficult to measure the return on investment, but now there are a lot of tools and indicators available. On the internet we can rely on the number of views, the number of clicks, the geolocation of Internet users, etc. It is possible to set up yourself tools to measure the effectiveness of your communication campaigns , for example questionnaires, satisfaction surveys … Once you collect these variables, you must adjust your communication: Maintain production in-house or subcontract it?

Understand what goes into setting your communication budget

Some media did not have the desired effect, is it more relevant to reallocate these expenses to other activities?Is it better to focus on winning a few customers or be associated with such events, thereby improving. The image of the company? To establish a communication budget, it requires asking a lot of questions. In order to be in phase with your objectives, and to optimize your expenses as much as possible. To make the right choice, we advise you to opt for the agency. Which will offer you the most suitable and relevant solution rather than the most expensive (question of security) or the least expensive (question of economy). Try to talk about the details of the daily rate and the pricing method adopted by the agency.

If you have recognized and qualified teachers, put them forward! So you can do this by creating a blog for your teachers. Where they can express themselves and share their points of view and their work. Also, video creation can be just as effective in this case, be creative! 5. Target your social media publications, a multitude of fields to exploit. Target your social networks Since your accounts on social networks will not only attract your students. You can find your future students there too, or their parents, journalists who can talk about your school, teachers … According to an analysis made by the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse. Subscribers on their social networks are distributed as follows.

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