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Users interact more on Instagram than on Facebook or Twitter , according to the analysis of the state of social networks carried out by the company specialized UAE Phone Number List  in “social intelligence. Shareable . In total, last year in the United States, 65.7 billion interactions were generated   UAE Phone Number List publishers. A considerable figure, but compared to 2017 it represents a decrease of 2,200 million interactions. The main reason for this decline is Facebook. The number of interactions generated on Facebook has been reduced by 39% . In 2013, 76% of all interactions were on Facebook.

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compared to just 26% in 2018. The decline on Facebook mirrors the growth in interactions on  UAE Phone Number List Instagram . Of the 65.7 billion interactions, 68% come from Instagram. Content from brands  UAE Phone Number List and publishers is also gaining engagement on Twitter, but not to the level of Instagram, of course. It could be said that brands on Facebook Are finally focusing on  UAE Phone Number List the right marketing goals and not on engagement. Facebook and Instagram are two different social networks and Facebook’s focus on friends and groups . Also, Facebook no longer has the traffic of recent years . Therefore, the interactions decrease, as well as the referral.

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On the other hand, more than a third of interactions on Facebook are with native videos , although they have also decreased compared to 2017, and most of the engagement takes place on Instagram. That doesn’t mean that native Facebook videos don’t work anymore. Brands and companies generate the majority of interactions through them. What happens is that the interactions are no longer, in general, at the level of two years ago. On this first day of Advertising Week Europe , how could it be otherwise, Google has been one of the most anticipated leading partners.

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