Automated E-mailing Loop

How can you effectively use emailing to nurture your leads and increase your sales conversions? In this article, we will explain a new practice for successful e-mailing: the creation of an automated e-mailing loop. First, an automated e-mailing loop is a technique that aims to personalize your e-mailing campaigns. It therefore consists in converting the sending of emails from a manual process into an automatic chained process. “Creating an automated email loop is all about building relationships with customers through a defined automation process. ” Automated loops can be simple or complex.

Complex automated e-mailing loop: At the same time, this type of loop is based on the actions of your prospects. For example, you can initiate this process in order to get a sale of a product, the path of your email may vary depending on the actions performed by the targeted person. You create this modality by constituting an e-mail to respond to each detected action, for example: a new registration in the newsletter, a click to read your e-mail, download of your white paper … So unlike campaigns that you send to a list of people at a time, an automated loop is set up only once and is automatically sent to a specific person based on a certain trigger.

What is an automated email loop?

For example, instead of manually creating and sending a campaign to each person when they sign up, you set up an automated welcome email that is sent every time a new person joins your list, these people continue to receive emails. Mails according to Saudi Arabia Phone Number their behavior towards each e-mail sent, hence the important role of the creation of e-mailing scenarios. 5 reasons why you should adopt the concept of the automated e-mailing loop: Emailing has long been one of the best ways to nurture your prospects. With an automated campaign, you can send a series of highly relevant and timely emails. In addition, we check all of our emails, as do your customers.

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In fact, this e-mailing automation allows you to: Send targeted messages at specific times based on specific actions In order to create personalized relationships with past, current and future customers. You can therefore segment your prospects into several criteria to help you plan your next marketing campaign with confidence, with a clear understanding of your customers and their purchasing habits. Optimize the efficiency of your sales funnel You free up time for your sales team to focus on other leads. For example, this automated loop of emails, compared to the costs associated with manually sending emails, can save you time and money. When you use automation software, you can track, measure and improve the returns on your campaigns.

Stay connected the moment your customer interacted with you

Simple automated e-mailing loop: In fact, a simple automated. Loop of e-mailing can consist of a few e-mails sent to your customers or prospects. E-mails relating to news, promotion, advice, tips, etc. Track your results for key performance indicators (KPIs) such as: click-through rates, conversion rates… So you can monitor these indicators by customer.

So your sales team can then select the most interested and engaged. Customers to more easily achieve a better conversion rate. Find out more: How to measure and optimize your performance. This deepens your relationship and also keeps your business at the center of their minds for longer. On the other hand, if you send effective emails. You can relate your brand to the positive feelings the customer. Had when they entered the contest or downloaded your eBook.

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