Pakistan Mobile Number Avoid These 10 Data Storytelling Mistakes That Undermine Your Expertise

The reality of how difficult it is to communicate both simple and complex ideas effectively became abundantly Pakistan Mobile Number apparent to me very early on in my career.

Data storytelling is both an art and a significant skill.

While this article focuses on optimizing communications relating to reporting SEO and PPC results and initiatives to clients, the principles apply to all forms of communication.

Here are 10 blunders to avoid when communicating performance, insights, and strategy in a business environment. You’ll also find suggestions that will level up your reporting to clients and internal stakeholders.

1. Not Using Visual Cues in Data Storytelling

Any decent reporting is going to have a visual element. After all, we’re visual creatures.

Good reporting visually calls out what is significant. A few examples include:

Simple, clean visualizations that leave little room for interpretation.


As pictured above, the goal is to report Pakistan Mobile Number on engagement using wedge metrics between awareness and demand gen initiatives. The logic is clear and rational.

A data table with many stats is not ideal as it requires the reader to interpret what the callout is.

However, there’s a time and place for it. In those situations, bring attention to the rows/columns/cells that are important.

2. Telling a Story Without Context

Pakistan Mobile Number
Pakistan Mobile Number

As part of the onboarding process of a new client, I often receive a data dump with past reporting. More often than not, the previous reporting left much to be desired.

Often, the “why” (context) is missing.

Yet, including context in data storytelling is one of the easiest ways to make your client reporting more effective.

Clients don’t pay you/your agency to regurgitate statistics. They pay for your ability to drive results and provide insights.

If there is a meaningful change in performance, you must give context in addition to the stat. Going a step further, the context you provide Pakistan Mobile Number should differ depending on the situation.

I follow a general rule of thumb: Lead with the stat when results are good and lead with context when results are lackluster.

If it was an off week, leading with context helps clarify the “why” before the reader has an initial negative reaction.



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