Because That Way, It Means That Search Engines

When you read the line of writing, you can immediately understand that haykal azril ansa is the author of the article. But what about search engines?

As search engines like google, bing, and the like, they can think of the writing as just content or ordinary writing. Search engines can’t interpret it on their own. This is where search engines need help to translate the meaning of the article.

Well, the markup scheme here plays a role in helping search engines to better understand the content contained on the website that has the title.

Because that way, it means that search engines have found it helpful and in return usually search engines (especially google)


will be able to display rich snippet information for websites.


What are rich snippets?
Rich snippets are the results Greece Phone Number of organic google searches with additional data display.

You can see an example of rich snippet in the image below:



and here’s an example of how the rich snippet looks on the serp:

Greece Phone Number


looks quite a difference is not it? So if your website can get a rich snippet display, it will certainly be much more interesting. If it is more interesting, of course, more people can click on your website.

Then for your information, if you have implemented a markup scheme on your website, it still doesn’t mean you get a rich snippet because it is in google’s judgment in displaying it or not.

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