Commandments for a successful podcast

The booklet is more than a ‘how to’ and is full of useful practical and technical tips, as well as listening tips for even more inspiration. Rutger lists the most important points in 10 commandments for a successful podcast:

  1. Serve your niche, not the whole world
  2. Start, but always with a plan
  3. Avoid lengthy introductions and proposal rounds
  4. Stimulate where you can stimulate and keep it exciting
  5. Make it personal, address the listener directly
  6. Know your audience and know what listeners find important
  7. Be critical and improve yourself a little bit every episode
  8. Have fun, because you hear that
  9. Use the power of SEO and make your podcast discoverable
  10. Don’t make it too difficult and start your fascinating journey today

About the book


Rutger shares his knowledge and broad experience in From idea to podcast (affiliate) as a marketer/SEO specialist, he gives tips about promotion and findability. He also points out the importance of integrating your podcast into your content strategy.

His experience as a musician and producer Armenia Phone Number is reflected in the section on technique. But also and especially what he himself learned and experienced as a podcast maker makes this book a practically useful guide for content marketers, online marketers, communication consultants, editors, copywriters and adventurous entrepreneurs.


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