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The definition of the buyer persona is not limited to defining. The characteristics such as the name, the first name. The age, the sex, the function and the geographical area …The objects and applications he uses? Synthesize all of this information and create your persona profiles. The more detailed and precise your persona, the more relevance and efficiency you will gain.

Create female and male profiles. – Be curious and precise, try to understand everything. Things to include in your buyer persona profile: Obviously this list is not exhaustive, you can adapt it according to your objectives and your resources.

Starting to define your buyers personas

Then what are his thoughts: What are their concerns? How does he perceive the advertising messages? How does he perceive your products or services? What are his recurring emotions?What are its objectives? 7. What about the motivations of the Bahamas Phone Numbers buyer persona: What are their motivations for purchasing?What are their most important selection criteria? Who influences it in its purchasing actions? Why will he be interested in your content? 8. Then its obstacles and brakes: What are the obstacles currently blocking it?What are his fears? 9. Finally his meeting places: Where can we find him? Which social networks? Which websites? What media? Which blogs or forums? What type of conferences? What events and demonstrations?

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1. who is it: Last name First NameSexAgeCityMarital status number of childrenSocio-Professional Categorylevel of studiesProfessionCharacter. What are his habits: The social networks he frequents The sites he consults his typical working dayThe books he reads programs he watches 4. what is its history: What is his academic background? What is his professional background? Where did he grow up? 5. After that what about its context: What is his daily environment? What are the issues he encounters on a daily basis?

What is a buyer persona?

It aims to identify qualitative characteristics in relation to its history, consumption habits and areas of interest. Depending on your sector of activity, you can define several buyers personas. Ideally 3 profiles. – The definition of buyers personas is based on your experience and that of your colleagues in direct contact with customers, create hypotheses that seem right and logical to you. – In addition to brainstorming, you can set up online surveys and send them to a few of your customers or prospects.

The fundamental step to launch an effective inbound marketing strategy is to define your buyer persona, a kind of profile. In fact, this will allow you to concentrate your marketing efforts. Make all of your actions (your products and services, your communication, your editorial line, etc.) more effective. “The buyer persona is an imaginary character representing a target group or segment, he allows the entity to define all the characteristics of a typical customer.

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