Content Quality Or Quantity

In addition, she is the co-owner of a cotton and pillow manufacturing company founded and named after her grandfather. With more than 50 employees in southeastern Texas, they sell under contract to hotel chains in the Bay Area, interior designers across the United States, global furniture manufacturers and state infrastructure groups. Really, it’s just interacting with people and learning from them honestly and sincerely, not asking for anything. The goal is to help others do their jobs better. They help you through associations.

A High Standard of Quality?

Both are important, but the only Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List thing that really matters is what Google thinks of your content.  ultimately makes SEO worthwhile so you can spend less on important keywords. Use a mix of outlines and partners to write content, be able to write it yourself quickly and concisely, and be able to train others to do the same. For more technical topics, I’ll interview people and transcribe and then write articles for them. We have a small team (3 of us) so prioritization is important and they have to combine what we think we can achieve in terms of SEO and what is relevant to our readers.

The Door To  Write 

We have a couple of paid freelancers who are my bread and butter. I have worked with some of them for many years. It’s really hard to find writers who live up to my expectations almost every time. I am willing to pay more for someone who is capable because the time it saves me is invaluable. We also use a lot of co-writers. For influencers, we often interview them and then write their comments. This saves everyone time – and ensures we achieve our goals without having to rewrite the really smart stuff.

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