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The evolution of data privacy Data privacy takes on a new dimension in 2021 and. Will play an increasingly important role in a world revolving around permission-based marketing in the Taiwan Phone Number coming years. The research revealed some interesting developments in the field. success in data privacy. The data also shows that privacy updates such as iOS15 have a profound impact on open rates. All emails on Apple devices running iOS 15 have been opened Taiwan Phone Number automatically since this update was rolled out. There is no difference between an actual open and what we call a machine-generated open. Logically, if you don’t exclude these machine-generated opens, the open rate will automatically increase. There is a noticeable Taiwan Phone Number difference of 3.5% on average between the total open rate and the open rate excluding machine-generated positions. The percentage has continued to rise since September 2021 as more people update.

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This shows that open rates are no longer a reliable Taiwan Phone Number  statistic if you don’t exclude machine-generated open rates. 2. Increase CTR Many marketers use KPIs such as CTR to determine the success of their content. The average CTR in 2022 is 3.63%, but how do you make sure you hit (at least) that percentage every time? Leverage the first-party data you already have! By using UTM tags in all activity on your own channels, you can see which parts of Taiwan Phone Number your content perform well through which channels. This type of data is  implicit data and allows you to progressively Taiwan Phone Number make clearer segmentations. And send the most relevant content to your recipients through their preferred channels. Email 3. The Importance of a Mobile Strategy Online marketing is more than just email. This year’s email benchmarks prove that we are Taiwan Phone Number currently seeing severe shortages everywhere in moving roof tiles, sunflower oil, airport personnel, computer chips, houses, professionals, lumber or medicines.

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This is something we haven’t seen since the Taiwan Phone Number 1970s. In the 1974 article Marketing in a Time of Shortages, Philip Kotler described how companies responded to periods of sudden shortages during the first oil crisis. I share three marketing techniques that were (and are) widely  scenario planning, production Product portfolio analysis and customer portfolio. What companies can learn from the commodities crisis of the 1970s Just like now. Taiwan Phone Number many companies were by the sudden shortage of the market in the early 1970s. While they were still busy Taiwan Phone Number with their day-to-day sales, and taking orders, there was a big gap in product supply. Famed marketing author Philip Kotler describ in 1974 that some companies are better prepar than others. They are prepar for this scenario and are able to adjust their business operations and marketing mix faster bas on it.

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