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The past few months have been bad for google’s search reputation. Long considered the “gold standard” for search. Google has seen its search results challenged like never before. It’s a Denmark Cell Phone Number blow to a core service that should be safe as google tries to expand in new directions. Recovering from this blow is not easy. What happened to google search is on par with the apple. Maps fiasco or the explosion of samsung’s galaxy Denmark Cell Phone Number note7 phones. To this day, people still joke that apple maps is bad. Even though it’s vastly improved. As for samsung, the phones may no longer explode, but the jokes continue.

Relevance Rating Denmark Cell Phone Number

Google is now facing the same problem. Some of its search results are considered laughable, embarrassing Denmark Cell Phone Number or even dangerous. How google lost its search mood last november. Google found itself embroiled in what had been primarily facebook’s fake news. Problem by listing a page at the top of its “in the news” section that promised. The final election tally for the us presidential election. Of 2016. The Denmark Cell Phone Number page did not have definitive, official or even accurate accounts. The following month, in december, google took a huge hit after a guardian article highlighted.

Search Engines Denmark Cell Phone Number

Denmark Cell Phone Number
Denmark Cell Phone Number

How for some searches google was giving extremely disturbing answers. For example, here’s google home Denmark Cell Phone Number talking at the time about how every woman. Has some degree of prostitute and evil in her: a week later, the guardian was back. Highlighting how google placed a holocaust denial site at the top of its search results for “did the holocaust happen. Google results might be as good as ever. They might even Denmark Cell Phone Number better than ever. But if the public perception is that google has a search quality problem. It wins, because we don’t have hard numbers on relevance.


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