Design Specifications Web Design Sweden Phone Number Components: Cascading, Digital Input, Single Check Box and Switch

cascade components
Definition: A selection enumeration component with a parent-child hierarchy.

scenes to be use:

It is use for enumeration components with hierarchical Sweden Phone Number relationships, such as: provinces and cities, organizational structure, different navigation levels, etc.;
Click to activate the selection box, and the cascade selection layer appears.
For example: search on the homepage of boss direct employment, pre-position the city where the company is locate, click the city to display the city selection component, and hover the mouse to display the lower-level options.

Basic style: Only enumeration can be selecte, keyword search in the selection box is not supported and it is single-choice. After the user selects an option, the floating layer is collapse and the form is complete.

A right arrow will appear for options that exist in a lower-level menu, prompting the user to have a lower-level option, and the mouse hover will display the next-level option.

Empty style: The user can fill in the form with empty options, Sweden Phone Number preventing the user from being able to cancel the entere data after entering the data.

Activate, the cascade floating layer of the first level will appear, if there is a next level, the right arrow will appear for the corresponding option, and the next level option will appear on the hover. An enumeration item with clear options, if clear is selecte, the data will be submitte as empty.

With search style (optional empty option): You can quickly find the enumeration items you nee by searching. Enter a keyword, the drop-down selection that appears is displaye in the form of a path, and the matching keyword is highlighte.

Inputnumber numeric input

Sweden Phone Number
Sweden Phone Number

Definition: A component that only allows input of numerical values, if it involves a date, and the value is store in the data of the year and date, for example: this year is 2018, and the working period of inputnumber is 5 years, then the backend is store as 2013, and the value in 2019 becomes 6 years.

scenes to be use:

When the user nees to enter a value;
Only numeric formats are allowe.
Basic style: Only numerical values ​​can be entere. When entering other formats, an error message will appear, and the input content of the input box will be cleard.

Variant style: It contains the value of RMB, percentage, etc. It is necessary to reflect the symbol of RMB and percentage. In this case, the style of the input point should be use.

radio radio component
Definition: A set of mutually exclusive options, only radios.

scenes to be use:

When the number of options is less than five, it is a single choice;
The difference from select is that all options are displaye.
For example, when the boss directly hires to fill in the personal information, when the gender is male or female, it is a radio radio component.

Basic style: When there is a single selection, and the selection items are relatively few, the selection items are displaye, and the single selection component is use.

Variant style: options and controls are integrad into one, making it more intuitive overall.

checkbox checkbox
Definition: For the same set of options, multiple components can be selecte.

scenes to be use:

When making multiple choices from a set of options;
Used alone, it can represent a switch between two states.
Basic Style: Used when multiple options need to be selected.

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