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A number of lawyers who specialize in online libel defamation cases. Have reported to me that google recently Cayman Islands Mobile Number suspended its longstanding informal policy. Of removing urls from us search results that are specified in duly executed court orders. . This poses a major paradigm shift for many victims of online reputation attacks. Beginning in august or september of this year. A number of attorneys Cayman Islands Mobile Number across the united states began receiving blanket denials after submitting requests. To remove defamatory content from google’s search results. It was feared that categorizing all types of sites as publishers could have a depressing.

Search Engines Cayman Islands Mobile Number

Since at least 2009, google has had an informal policy. Of accepting many removal requests when accompanied by Cayman Islands Mobile Number properly executed court order. Specifying defamatory/libelous content at specific urls. I have personally seen a number of cases where hundreds. Or even thousands of urls were submitt with court orders, and Cayman Islands Mobile Number google remove  urls from search results. But they have now stopped. Not for every request, but for enough to make it clear something has changed. Background: search engines immune to defamation removal requests interestingly.

Removal Requests Cayman Islands Mobile Number

Cayman Islands Mobile Number
Cayman Islands Mobile Number

Moreover, Search engines and various other types of online sites and services have been exempt. In the united states from liability for things like defamation defamation. By section 230 of the Cayman Islands Mobile Number communications decency act (“cda “). For hundreds of years of established law. Publishers (such as books and newspapers) held liable for content published through them. With the advent of the internet age. It Cayman Islands Mobile Number was initially unclear how certain types of websites should be categoriz. Were they publishers, and therefore held directly liable for defamatory content. Or were they- are they simply distributors of other content, similar to libraries and bookstores. And therefore held responsible for their content.

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