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Was retargeting in action. There are two ways to use retargeting: a pixel -based interaction and a list-based interaction . Here’s the difference. pixel based interaction When a website visitor takes an action. such as clicking on a product or abandoning their cart. a cookie is recorded in their browser. The cookie. which is a snippet of code. tracks the consumer’s actions on your website and lets you know where to find them online. This new information will allow you to show them advertisements for your products or services on different websites such as Facebook and Google. list-based interaction This form of

retargeting requires Sri-Lanka Phone Number already have a list of email addresses. again of users who have shown interest in your company in previous scenarios. By sending this list of email addresses. you allow social platforms to register the user’s profile and display your ad as they browse Facebook. LinkedIn. and so on. List-based retargeting can be highly customizable as you can add personal details about the user such as interests and likes. What is remarketing? The purpose of

Remarketing Is to Win Back

customers who have already done business with your company . One of the biggest differences between retargeting and remarketing is that remarketing often uses emails. Remarketing focuses on keeping your current customers engaged with your business. such as influencing them to return to their abandoned cart. upsell similar products. or just remind them to frequently visit your site. As with retargeting. you’ve probably been impacted by remarketing at some point. When shopping online. have you ever added items

Sri-Lanka Phone Number

to your cart and not completed checkout? The company may have sent you an email reminder. like “ Did you forget something ?” And there’s your shopping cart. just a click/tap away. So what is the real difference between retargeting and remarketing? While remarketing uses the email channel. it can also take the form of paid ads to target current customers. A Facebook Custom Audience can be created by uploading a customer list. similar to Google Ads. which allows you

To Upload Data Including Emails. Phone

numbers and mailing addresses. Advertising platforms also do not explicitly clarify the terminology between retargeting and remarketing. Google Ads describes customer list remarketing as “ offline data to reach and re-engage your customers across Search. the Shopping tab. Gmail. YouTube and the Display Network ”. It looks a lot like the list-based retargeting we just saw above. The end result is that these pay -per-click ( PPC) platforms have the ability to upload your customer list. blurring the boundaries between

your ad and email channels. Advertisers can basically use a PPC ad to target customers with the same message used in an email. As Google and other platforms group remarketing and retargeting into broader categories (i.e. customer list remarketing). marketers are likely to continue to use incorrect terminology for these two paid media strategies. What’s really important is understanding the difference between retargeting and remarketing so you know exactly when and how to use each to achieve your goal.

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