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His book ” In 100 Years All Dead ” is a delight for entrepreneurs. Be sure to watch his YouTube channel. illustration Joan Boluda drawn by Carabias Maider Tomasena. If anyone knows about copywriting , it’s her. That brands like Ikea or Grupo Barcelo trust her to write. Texts that connect with their customers makes it very clear. Go to his website maidertomasena and on his YouTube channel. illustration Maider Tomasena drawn by Carabias oscar feito. Oscar wants to help you grow your business .

Illustration Oscar Feito drawn by Carabias Victor Martin Do you want to enhance your personal. Growth and Georgia Phone Number development? Do you want to learn from the best entrepreneurs and successful business owners? This is what Víctor offers you on his website victormartinp. And on his YouTube channel. Be sure to read his book ” Unleash your Success “. illustration Víctor Martin drawn. by Carabias Vilma Nunez This international. Speaker helps boost business through content marketing.

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PideTaxi belongs to Radio Taxis de España, which saw its service in danger with the arrival of these apps and launched its own. The design is worse but it does its job. Nor does it give discount coupons . JoinUpTaxi is Spanish and allows you to share the same taxi, indicating an origin and a destination in advance, letting other people join that fixed origin and destination, that is, no one can get off or get on before time. The goal is to pay half . The problem is that the destinations are fixed from a list and cannot be specified at the moment.

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Free2Move gives you access to all the car sharing providers in your city.Which to choose? I have seen all the apps and have directly tested most of them. MyTaxi (from Lufthansa) allows you to obtain €5 for each user you get by giving €10 coupons for new users who pay from their mobile. This is a determining factor since the taxi race can be free and with the crisis it always comes in handy. Hailo was founded by three technology-loving taxi drivers and, as I have already mentioned, it ended up being bought by MyTaxi to compete with Uber and Cabify.

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There are today several portals and web pages. (with their corresponding physical office) that track. Find job opportunities for the disabled.These portals are a meeting and contact space with social counsellors. Employers and other disabled people. In these portals , at any given time. You can find psychological support or simply talk to other people. Who have the same disability as you. Learn Digital Marketing and get the job of your dreams. Step-by-step video courses from scratch Support to help. You with everything Access to private group of students. Can find job offers for the mentally, functionally. Physically or functionally disabled.

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