Understanding Docker for Beginners China Phone Number

Get an insight into the Docker container.

But there are many cases where the application running on a developer system does not run on a tester’s machine or a production machine, which leads to chaos.

Why Docker?
Let me tell you about my personal experience of why Docker is so essential.

I was working on a full stack project with my team, where I had to build an app that used Angular on the frontend, Node.js on the backend, and MySQL as the database . We got stuck on various issues while working on this app using multiple technologies.


The first issue was OS compatibility

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they had to run multiple commands for hours to set up their environment, which was supported by the application. I had to check and test each developer’s environment to make sure there were no discrepancies with the technology version I was using.
Finally, if any of the developers weren’t comfortable with the operating system I was using to build my app, it was a challenge for them to work on the app.
All of this made my life difficult to develop, build and ship the app on time. This is where Docker came into the picture. It solves all the problems I just mentioned.

What is Docker?
Docker is a containerization platform that packages the application and its dependencies inside a container so that the application works seamlessly in any environment, be it development, staging, or production.


It is a tool designed to facilitate the creation


deployment and execution of applications through the China Phone Number use of containers. Docker containers are lightweight alternatives to virtual machines and use the host operating system. You don’t have to pre-allocate RAM in containers like you do in virtual machines.

It is an open source platform for developers, system administrators, and enterprises to build, ship, and run distributed applications on the go.

To learn more about how docker works internally, see the Docker Architecture .

Docker Images, Containers, Dockerfile
Docker Image
It consists of application code, libraries, tools, dependencies, etc.

Docker images are read-only, immutable files, which are also sometimes called snapshots. It doesn’t start or run a docker image; you build a container through it. When you create a container from a Docker image, it creates a container layer on top of the image layer.

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