Take a stand with your employer brand

Take a stand with your employer brandour employees can make or break the reputation of your company. Similar to researching a vacation or a restaurant with online reviews. Job seekers (in addition Egypt Phone Numbers to potential customers) look to websites like glassdoor to inform their decisions. By reading employee reviews. They get an authentic look into the culture that powers your company.
How does that relate to social media? It connects to a shared goal: employer branding. A close look at your audience shows the worlds of social. Recruiting and inbound marketing are intertwined. A

All factoring into your employer

prospect sees posts about you on social media. Browses through your social media timelines and uses company sites to learn more about you. Your goal throughout that lifecycle is to make a positive impression.  brand.
We’re here to help you strengthen your reputation. Ultimately helping you acquire the right customers and land top tier talent. That’s why we’ve partnered with glassdoor to help manage your employee reviews directly in sprout. A first-of-its-kind integration. You can reply to glassdoor reviews quickly from sprout. Enhance your employer branding workflows and collect insights to improve your brand reputation.
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Faster responses influence your story
An expert social media manager advocates for their brand beyond “traditional” social media —facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Etc. If you’re only paying attention to what’s being said on social channels. You’re ignoring important critics: your own employees. Even more critical is responding to what they’re saying.
Reacting quickly to reviews. Both positive and negative. Also influences your company narrative. 62% of job seekers say their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review. Social media managers are in a prime position to respond to reviews since they’re naturally monitoring real-time message activity. By responding promptly you demonstrate a commitment to transparency. and can respectfully provide another perspective to negative reviews.
Using sprout. You’ll see reviews when they come in along with your traditional social media messages. From there you can respond immediately or collaborate with your team to create an on-brand approved response. Adding glassdoor alongside your other networks creates a natural checkpoint for review responses in your already established social strategy.

Help your employees feel heard

We’re excited to partner with sprout by integrating glassdoor reviews directly into a social media platform employers use daily as part of their brand strategy. This enables users of both products to listen to and act on employee feedback effectively and efficiently.

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Senior product manager

Unlock your way into more insights
Replying to glassdoor reviews shows you care in the short-term; paying careful attention and reacting accordingly helps your long-term reputation. Not only do you want your employees to feel heard. But they want you to back it up by taking action on what they’re saying. Aggregating and organizing their feedback helps you understand the best way to improve and keep morale high.
The combination of glassdoor and sprout makes it easier to uncover and organize your most relevant employee insights. You can narrow down the exact reviews you want to see by star rating. Or search for the reviews with a specific keyword or phrase. You’ll also notice trends within reviews that you’d like to share with other internal teams.
For example. You might see a growing number of complaints about your 401k matching policy. Using sprout. You can search all reviews that contain “401k.” organize them with a 401k tag. And share them out by emailing/exporting those reviews. Sprout helps you find and share the informed recommendations you need to improve your brand reputation.

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