Filter It Further

Think of any business owners, marketers, content managers, etc. you know and respect – reach out to them via canned email and ask if they know a good writer related to your topic. Depending on the industry, you may end up with at least a handful, possibly dozens of referrals. Even better, some names will appear over and over, so you can pre-filter those with the best reputations.  This could be as simple as telling people to email a specific address with a very specific subject line.  I have no idea. You just have to let it filter out tons of tones and explosions.

Accept Bad Jobs

Even if they are an employee, they may be persuaded El Salvador Phone Number List on blog posts in the past). I must have made this mistake in the past and it was really fucking embarrassing. Then you either have to rewrite the article (wasting your time) or have an uncomfortable conversation and outright reject their work (even if you contacted them first). I definitely had to rewrite almost all articles and put it under the guest author’s name (of course I never paid for an article in this case – only guest posts)

El Salvador Phone Number List

A good heuristic is to look for the number and diversity of authors’ works. The higher the referral frequency, the better the reputation of the referrer. Maybe you don’t know any good freelancers, and for some reason, neither does your network (or maybe you have almost no network in some weird case). Well, you definitely have blogs and publications you love to read, don’t you? To filter the latter, I like to put a line or two in the job ad for select attention to detail (aka the Brown M&Ms clause, to show that they’ve read the description thoroughly).


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