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Vice’s motherboard site has a good article on the situation. Which originally came up on a reddit Slovenia Mobile Number thread where many suspect a google conspiracy. As i told motherboard, it was definitely weird for me. My first thought was that maybe because “lying ted. Had been around longer, it had more time to attract enough searches which, in turn, made it a search suggestion. That’s how google’s autocomplete Slovenia Mobile Number suggestions work: they show the most popular searches that google sees. That are related to the words or characters you initially type. Here you can see it in action for a search for “lying. Which brings up “lying ted” as a suggestion: google lying but for a search on “twisted.

Chicken Trump Slovenia Mobile Number

You don’t get a similar situation for “twisted hillary”, as you can see. Crooked google even if you expand Slovenia Mobile Number the search to “twisted h”, you won’t get “twisted hillary” as a suggestion. But rather the odd “twisted hillary bernie” to come: google crooked hillary “crooked hillary” aussi populaire que “lying ted. It turns out that “lying ted” and “crooked hillary” are about even in terms of search popularity. According to google Slovenia Mobile Number trends, for this year in the united states. And while ‘lying ted’ became popular earlier, at this point, ‘crooked hillary’ has been around long enough that you’d think. That would be a suggested term as well: lying ted against twisted hillary of course. If ‘lying ted’ is more popular among all the various lies-related searches.

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Slovenia Mobile Number
Slovenia Mobile Number

Than ‘crooked hillary’ is among the various crooked-related searches. That could explain the absence of ‘crooked hillary’. But again, google trends debunks this possible explanation. Curve for more than a month, “crooked hillary” has been more popular than “crooked smile” in the united states. But “crooked smile” appears as the first Slovenia Mobile Number suggested search, while “crooked hillary” does not. Crooked hillary is even more popular than ‘crooked hillary bernie. But only the latter shows up if you search for ‘crooked h…’. Why google filters autocomplete again, it’s weird. There is no good explanation for this. Personally, i doubt that google would proactively filter this Slovenia Mobile Number particular search. But this is neither confirmed nor denied, so the guesses, speculations and hypotheses will continue. That’s right – and the same quirkiness about why ‘Crooked Hillary’ doesn’t. Appear also applies to ‘Chicken Trump’.

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