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You might be waiting for the next train or the doctor’s office. Either way, you only have a short period of time to consume the content, and you don’t want the content to be inundated with filler words and fluff. When you know you are writing for a mobile audience, there are a few guidelines to follow. First, load your content upstream with links to lead generation content in case people don’t make it to the bottom of the article. Do not put the fall of the article on the last line. Make sure people understand the purpose of the article early on. Then make the content easy to digest. Highlight your headlines.

Kings make it clear to guests entering the property that if they like Kings’ Facebook page, they will receive free shoe rentals for that day. So of course a lot of customers pull out their mobile devices, go to Facebook, and like the Kings page. With this strategy, Kings has created a small, but effective, sense of loyalty to his customers by having them like his Facebook page with their mobile devices. After that, Kings social media team can develop their new Facebook leads and get them back to the business. Optimize your mobile presence through discounts and promotions Optimize content for a mobile screen Think about the situations and places you’ve been to when you pull out your phone to read an article or check your emails. Usually you only have a few minutes and you try to kill the time.

Discounts and build customer

From a design standpoint, you might not want something visually heavy, as it might distract attention on the small screen of a mobile device or tablet. But you want an image with clear, readable text. The text itself should also be short but action-oriented – like all CTAs – so that it doesn’t take up too much space on a small screen. Create simple Call-to-Action Another way to Luxembourg Phone Number optimize your mobile presence is through discounts and promotions that will be redeemed through mobile devices. This can take the form of promo codes, customer loyalty discounts, or even on-site specials. Take the example of Kings, an entertainment center with bowling alleys, pool tables, bars and a full-service restaurant in Boston.

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But as an SME, we don’t want to get rid of a form, so what should we do? A good mobile marketing strategy takes into consideration all of these elements that we have just mentioned to improve the user experience. This is where progressive profiling comes in. Progressive profiling allows you to replace form fields that have already been filled out the next time a prospect visits your website. This way you can space out the amount of information you are collecting at the same time and make your forms shorter. Tip : By hosting progressive forms on your web content, you optimize your mobile presence for higher conversions. Use progressive profiling forms Create simple Call-to-Action When creating CTAs for your website, think about how they will appear on different devices.

Use progressive profiling forms

To help you determine what to change, check out the six tactics below that you can implement to optimize your content for mobile lead generation. Mobile marketing strategy for lead generation Use progressive profiling forms Filling out forms on a mobile device can be extremely frustrating. The fields are usually too small and you end up clicking on the wrong row. Plus, the forms are usually much longer than you want them to be. And let’s be honest, as a user, due to these limitations, you are likely going to turn to another website that doesn’t require such a heavy user experience.

Most lead generation tactics are straightforward. You create a piece of content to live behind a form on a homepage – also known as an offer – and then you promote it through your blog, social media accounts, and email marketing. People fill out the form, get the offer and ta-da! They become a trail. But we’re missing a piece of the puzzle that makes lead generation less straightforward: mobile visitors . This is where the mobile marketing strategy comes in Because of the way people behave on their mobile devices, your mobile marketing strategy for lead generation needs to be tailored. You don’t necessarily need to create brand new content for a mobile-only audience – just polish what you already have for the desktop for mobile experiences.

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