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According to Hubspot, 97% of marketers say videos help customers understand product details. On the other hand, video content is very effective in increasing your brand’s search engine rankings , click-through rates, open rates, and conversions. Video is not only fun, it’s also one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Creative, emotionally charged video ads can go viral within hours, gaining millions of views. And that’s the whole point of video marketing: Only the creatives survive!

We can say that promotional videos can also build trust, marketing videos are effective at presenting your products in a conversational form, and it creates a sense of one-on-one approach. Even though the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to video is video editing and footage, there is one very important thing to remember. It’s the music! Music is a very powerful tool that plays an important role when it comes to evoking the emotions of consumers. So spend more time choosing the right music because that’s what makes the difference. 4- specialists opt for video content Marketers love video too. The reason is simple: it can generate a considerable return on investment.

Videos simple and efficient format

The majority of consumers prefer video content to reading. A lot of potential buyers don’t want to talk to sellers. This is where video can influence sales in the Belarus Phone Numbers later stages. According to social media statistics, today 90% of consumers say that a video will help them make a purchasing decision. However, capturing the user’s attention is not enough. You have to aim to keep this attention until the end by producing content that has value. Among the techniques that help you to keep the attention of your customers is storytelling .

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Belarus Phone Numbers

The conversion funnel, or the conversion funnel , is an essential process for any digitized entity, it defines the stages through which all customers go before finalizing the act of purchase. The conversion funnel allows you in an automatic way to transform your visitors into prospects, then into customers and finally from loyal customers to brand ambassadors. The tunnel can change from one company to another depending on your industry and your offer.

Capture the consumer’s attention

Busy to have time to read long product descriptions. “ Video is an engaging content format that is easy to consume, to share across multiple platforms, but also very accessible to anyone with access to the Internet. ” It should be noted that the quality of the content is very important, but the quality of the production is not that important, the Facebook Live videos, webinar recordings and other video material have sufficient production quality, still need to- it that the content itself is appealing. Nowadays, consumers appreciate video more and more because it is easy to digest, entertaining and engaging.

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