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Dwell time considers the time a visitor spends on USA WhatsApp Number List your website. If they linger, it tells Google that your content is worth exploring. Longer dwell times can also show that you’re giving users the content they need. On the other hand, shorter dwell times lead to high bounce rates. USA WhatsApp Number List A high bounce rate means people are leaving your site in a hurry. This could mean that your content is irrelevant (or just bad) for search. Creating long-form content can keep visitors on your page longer. As a result, your stay may improve.

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Your CTR indicates the number of clicks a page USA WhatsApp Number List receives in relation to the number of impressions it receives. Impressions represent the number of times a page is viewed on a search engine USA WhatsApp Number List results page (SERP). A high CTR indicates that your content is attractive to users. However, a low CTR can affect your bounce rate. It may indicate that the content does not match the user’s search intent. Google also looks for backlinks when determining your SERP ranking. Backlinks are links that send readers from a site to your content.

Improve Your SEO Tanking’s

When considering the link between long-form USA WhatsApp Number List content and SEO, it’s important not to create long posts full of fluff. Instead, use your word count to provide readers with useful information. The information you provide can prove your worth. Providing useful and unique USA WhatsApp Number List information will encourage more sites to link to your content. You can then generate backlinks to improve rankings. The top-ranking pages generate approximately 5% to 14.5% of new backlinks each month. More backlinks USA WhatsApp Number List can further improve your rankings. In fact, the top 10 search results have 6 times more links than the second page.


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