Google Ads Optimization with Automated Rules

Today automation through algorithms. Is increasingly in vogue (and from my point of view overrate. Since there is still no artificial .Intelligence to replace a good consultant .With experience and common sense. So we are going to focus on a functionality .That can allow us to save time. On repetitive tasks to dedicate. It to those that provide added value to. The campaigns carried out by any google ads agency . Index of contents it is important to emphasize. That all the optimizations tha.T we are going to see are carried. Out with the google ads interface, since there are options in it that are not accessible from the classic version (google adwords). Automation through the google ads. Interface all we have to do is select the option tools .Actions in blog rules to get to the option we need. Google adwords rules then.We will only have to press the blue . Button and all the automation options that.

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We have will be displayed. Google ads options rules there is also the option to access those options from the campaign, group or keyword pages. We can access the column selection menu, with the option of the 3 vertical points: google ads menu let’s see below the main google ads automation options : campaign rules in google ads the options in this section and in the following ones are going to be very wide, giving game to all kinds of combinations that are useful to us. We can select: rule type: stop campaigns enable campaigns send Romania Phone Number an e-mail change budgets apply to campaigns: all campaigns enabled all campaigns enabled and paused select campaigns condition (we put them all, since what is truly relevant is to realize the immense number of existing options): campaign campaign name daily budget condition campaign type visualizations.

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truly relevant is to realize the immense number

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