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Google Adwords becomes Google Ads: what is changing? Posted on March 21, 2019by Tarik Zghinou | 1142 ViewsGoogle Adwords becomes Google Ads The web giant Google has unveiled the overhaul of the identity of all of its advertising levers. Since July 24, 2018, Google Adwords becomes Google ADS. What is behind this change? Is this a new strategic vision for its advertising market? What will the changes be for advertisers? Let’s find out the answer together. “The switch from Google AdWords to Google Ads is about changing the common perception of advertisers, because when they hear Google AdWords, they automatically think of keywords and Google search. ” – Sridhar Ramaswamy Google.

According to Google, the change is intended to simplify advertising for small businesses across all PPC channels and allow advertisers to take advantage of advanced technologies. This overhaul follows the evolution of technology and usage patterns focused on mobile. Google is therefore reviewing its strategy, to make advertisers understand that advertising campaigns are not focused solely on keywords. Indeed, Google Adwords, by changing its name, becomes Google Ads, but more concretely Google has changed its advertising offer and restructured all of its advertising levers (Google shopping, Remarketing, advertising on youtube, Google Adwords, advertising for applications ..) in order to group them under Google ADS .

Google Ads Smart Campaigns

Google Ads Smart Campaigns However, Google ADS is launching a new type of more intuitive campaigns aimed at small businesses. ‘SMART COMPAIGNS’ consists of combining different types of advertising (Display, RSA, video and shopping) and centering Mexico Phone Number them around the advertiser’s objective. In other words, the goal of the new Google Ads platform is to facilitate advertising not only on the search engine but beyond. This platform also makes it easier for businesses to create ads that help promote on the pages of Google, Youtube, Google Play etc.

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This should have the effect of spreading the ad budget across a wide range of ad-focused websites. Video player 00:00 01:16 To better understand… Google has merged “DoubleClick” and “Google Analytics 360 Suite” into a single segment called GOOGLE MARKETING PLATEFORM. This merger will make the two products work together efficiently. It centralizes the search and display media buying process while measuring and optimizing performance. The most important aspect of this platform is that it consists of integrating the two platforms DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) into a single platform which is Google Ad manager . This platform then provides service to advertising agencies and advertisers who manage large volumes of campaigns on different channels and search engines.

Develop internationally to complement your school’s communication strategy

Communication in the education sector and in particular in schools. Whether public or private, presents many challenges in the face of an increasingly competitive and digital market. Given the fact that digital has led to a radical change in communication. Strategies for your targets, it is absolutely necessary to follow this transformation in order to effectively promote your establishment. This is why digital should be at the center of a communication strategy for a school. We offer you 7 communication strategies to reach them. 1. Bet on the local press to reach your targets Many of you do not explore. The local press in other regions. However, many are the students who move to other cities to join the establishment they want. This is one of the communication strategies for your targets that must be adopted.

However, do not focus only on the local press of the territory in which you are established. Use local media to reach students in other regions. even if you often have to travel to meet them. 2. Improve your visibility, a communication strategy for your targets of necessity. Communication strategy The online visibility of your school is essential. It allows you to develop your brand image and to be able to interact with the students. Moreover, for some colleges, one of the main problems is the lack of visibility. Because each school offers its own programs, specialties, prices, etc., the student has many possibilities, he has the choice between a whole list of different schools and training courses. This is why your internet presence is very essential. so try to improve it while giving more visibility to your programs.

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