Google Docs Add On

Of course, there are many reasons to Senegal Phone Number List collaborate. If you’re writing a book — or an eBook — you’re going to need an editor’s hand. If you’re writing a blog post, collaboration is often also required to publish your post. Even for internal company notes — like lab Senegal Phone Number List documents, memos, and strategic plans — Google Docs is great because you can add suggestions, comments, and edit text to create a public document. But first, how do we invite others to view, comment, or edit our documents? It’s easy, when you’re working in Google Doc, just click the share icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Google Docs For Bloggers

Then, like most stores, you can choose Senegal Phone Number List to browse or search for specific content. For this example, we can choose “Lucid chart Diagrams”, which is actually one of my favorite plugins (as described in Senegal Phone Number List my post on Blogging Tools). Clicking the link will take you to the Lucid chart overview page, where you can read the description and documentation, comment, and view screenshots or videos of features. Just click “+ Free” to install.

Another Great Thing

On the other hand, if you’re the one Senegal Phone Number List sharing the document, you’ll want to know how to properly collaborate. Depending on your access rights, you will have three options to choose from (which you can access via the button under “Share” in Google Docs) Google itself has a good support document outlining the different shortcuts.

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