Google Docs And Microsoft Word

Google Docs is a collaborative word Romania Phone Number List processor that runs on any platform or device and allows version control as well as editing and styling capabilities. It’s a completely free web app, you don’t need to download anything to get started. You can work online or Romania Phone Number List offline. As you work online, Google Docs automatically saves your progress so you never lose a draft (how often does this happen to you when using Microsoft Word? How frustrating!) In my opinion, Google Docs is basically a better, sleeker version of Microsoft Word.

Share And Collaborate

Google Docs is the new kid on the Romania Phone Number List block, although it’s clearly a fast-growing and popular one. So, what is the real difference between these two programs? One last cool feature: publishing to the Romania Phone Number List web.  Another interesting thing about posting to the web is that you can extract images from the post (you just post to the web and right  like you usually do online.

Collaborate With Google Docs

First, Microsoft Word costs Romania Phone Number List money. Second, I think Microsoft Office is a very bad product. I hate authors sending their drafts in Microsoft Word.  So what are the benefits of using Microsoft Word instead of Google Docs? One of my favorite features is the document outline feature. Basically, this displays an Romania Phone Number List outline on the left sidebar. It picks up logical sections by how you use paragraph styles (such as headings, headings 1, 2, 3, etc.) and bold styles. Another feature you need to pay attention to is how to make an exact copy of your post.


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