Google Local Search Results

Google Local Search Results (Here’s a LinkedIn article that’s been getting a lot of traffic and attention lately, helps to add more context to this article) Here’s a screenshot of the new 3 pack (letter A, B, & C) Google Maps rankings on both mobile devices and desktop computers

Surrounding cities ranked 

Abuse the use of modifiers, which  Hong Kong Phone Number List means do not stuff your title with keyword phrases. You can learn more about modifiers here. Use your targeted keyword phrase in the description of your Google Maps business listing. Make sure your primary category is the most relevant category for your business.  Here’s a screenshot to help you identify which category top ranked local businesses are using

Hong Kong Phone Number List

From there, you’ll be able to identify the Improve Google Maps Rankings Notice how, on both desktop and mobile devices,  rankings are showing in Google Maps local search results. In essence, you can think of this new update as the top 3 local search results are the new

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