Google Ranks Pages

Google ranks pages in local search results based on relevance and authority. Therefore, it is not wise to enter loosely related categories just to fill in at most 5 categories.  It’s a best practice to include as many categories as you

Put Them Together

In most cases, for Bopper Media’s clients Netherlands Phone Number List we only use one category in their Google business pages. In some cases, we include two or three categories. We almost never fill out all five categories for our clients. Likewise, the more categories you include, the thinner your Google business page will be (in most cases). Focusing on your core business category will often yield the best

Netherlands Phone Number List

However, since we want to rank Netherlands Phone Number List in Google’s local search results, one of the keywords that make up your best title structure will naturally include the name of the city where your business is located. Here are a few examples of Google business page titles to consider in this structure: McCrae Family Dentist in Athens

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