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Hello from the first day of smx west 2017! We’re in san jose, calif., where the opening keynote Japan Phone Number conversation is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. Pt. Jason douglas, pm director for actions on google, will talk about google assistant with chris sherman and greg Japan Phone Number sterling from search engine land. Douglas will talk about the developer ecosystem growing around google assistant, and specifically “actions” – google’s term for tools and features that enable brands, marketers, developers Japan Phone Number and others to interact with users via google assistant. Think of stocks a bit like smartphone or tablet apps.

The Conversation Japan Phone Number

The keynote conversation is expected to start at the top of the hour, and we’ll be posting live blogs here once it begins. So check back, or stay tuned, and feel free to refresh the page for the Japan Phone Number latest from smx west! Alright, we’re ready to go. I will use jd for jason douglas, cs for chris sherman and gs for greg sterling. (fingers crossed that i can keep up with three people talking on stage!) i’ll also try to sprinkle in a Japan Phone Number few tweets along the way. Jason will start with a brief introduction before the conversation begins. It reminds audiences of google’s mission to organize the world’s information.

Brief Introduction Japan Phone Number

Japan Phone Number
Japan Phone Number

He says google thinks we’re now at an inflection point in how information is accessed. Douglas Japan Phone Number explains how google was born in the age of organizing web content, accessible through a simple text box – users could type in what they were looking for and get blue links to web pages and documents. Technology doesn’t Japan Phone Number stand still, he says – computing has changed. We have computers in our pockets and we use them to do more than search for information. We order movie tickets and food. Our cars and televisions are computers.

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