Google Has Rolled Out Another Core Update

Google makes structural updates to the search engine. Maybe you got something from it, maybe you didn’t. Another broad Google Core update was carried out in May. So it’s time to analyze your rankings and SEO traffic. In this article, I’ll take you through what the update means and what you need to do.

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In addition, there is a problem that Google has been dealing with for some time. That is the fact that bad content is still being published. Then (very) strong backlinks are sent to make this content rank. Showing ‘bad’ content in a good position creates a bad experience for the Google user. Of course, Google wants to prevent this.

May’s Google Core Update: What Happened?

Google’s goal is to serve users as relevant information as possible. This Google Core update should also contribute to this. Google never fully reveals Armenia Phone Number exactly what has changed in the search algorithm. Nobody knows how Google actually generates search results. That is no different now.

This Google Core update has been implemented in all countries and languages. The rollout of the update took two weeks and is now complete. This means that the results of the update are now also visible in search results and positions.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search spokesperson, expects some degree of impact within search results:


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Check your positions in the search results

Open the SEO tool you use and take a good look at your positions relative to the period May 25 – June 9. Google indicates here that the update was fully performed on June 9.

It is normal for positions to shoot up or down. In some cases you will see that positions do not move on keywords. Do you see many positive shifts? Then the update will work out well for you and you can focus on getting your positions even better. Do positions actually fall down? Then it’s time to put your website along the latest Google guidelines (pdf).

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