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Title and extensive text that serves as a commercial presentation of your product can help you boost the visibility of your products on the internet. However. There is a problem. If these long titles and blocks of text are displayed before the product listings in an ecommerce. The customer is thrown off. So let’s see how we can solve this problem. Create your website categories before you start. Download and activate an seo plugin. In this case. We will use yoast to exemplify how to do it. Within the wordpress admin. Go to products in the menu on the left. Click on “categories” . Name each category with a short title that fits easily within the menu. Add a description for each category. Including keywords that help position it on the internet. Later. You can link these keywords to relevant pages or content on your website.

You will improve both the visibility of your  Dominican Republic Phone Numbers  ecommerce in terms of seo and product categories. This configuration allows the user to have a simple and distraction-free shopping experience. And. At the same time. Include a relevant amount of text that adds both important keywords and the necessary context so that search engines can find. Index and rank the content of the online store. 2. Optimize product labels the goal is to display featured products and increase traffic to the website. Product tags are halfway between categories and attributes in terms of functionality. They are not hierarchical categories and are not necessary for variable products such as attributes. A good way is to think of tags as keyword suggestions for search engines and even website visitors. Some plugins also use tags to order and display products in sections of the web.

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To do it right away. But remember to link to them when they’re live to improve your business visibility. In the panel on the right. Go to the category you just created and click “edit”. If you’re using yoast. Scroll to the bottom of the edit page. There you can create a title and longer descriptions. Edit woocommerce categories these will show up in search engine results. But not on the category front-end. Do you like minimalist design? Setting up product categories in this way allows shoppers to search and find items in an orderly fashion. No one likes going to an online store and being forced to scroll. Skipping several paragraphs. Until they can see what they are looking for.

Dominican Republic Phone Numbers
Some wordpress themes come with an additional section where you can create a description below the product listings. This is a key feature that you must take into account when recommending or choosing a good template for an ecommerce.Bringing product listings to the forefront and removing text is a good option to increase conversion. Take your potential customers to the cart as soon as possible. Pro tip: use the short descriptions of the product sheets to complete the quality content that accompanies them and improve seo positioning . Add the categories to the menu once the categories are configured . You can use them in the menus of your website. Create a dropdown menu in the header for the categories under the name “shop by category”. This way you can easily order the products of all your ecommerce.

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To your website through a blog post or other non-commercial page. They want to know what you sell quickly. Right? If you need help with the configuration of the product category menus. You can consult the woocommerce menu guide using its storefront template -one of the most popular for online stores-. Use categories to highlight products you can also use your ecommerce categories to sort and display important products on your website homepage or sales pages using woocommerce widgets. This is a small detail that will make your customers fall in love. It’s easy to create beautiful pages with the wordpress block editor and add woocommerce product widgets. Thus. You can show your product in an attractive way to your customers. By following the tips above.

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