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You can be successful, even with a higher posting frequency, by offering a wide variety of good quality content. So it’s best to mix up your posting schedule and the types of posts offered. To learn more about Facebook content, see this article. Facebook Advertising Strategy: Produce Creative Content Eventually. Facebook’s algorithms are constantly changing and organic reach is getting harder and harder to achieve. However, there are always ways to adapt to these changes as long. As you regularly publish good quality content that is relevant to your audience.

This will help you reach different segments of your audience (who live in a different time zone). By testing the frequency of your pages you will have the exact answer that corresponds to your audience. Publish quality content to increase the reach of your Facebook page Always post high quality content. In other words, focus on the expectations of your audience and produce content with high added value. Engage your audience with humorous, inspirational, or educational content. To discover content preferable by your customers, spend time thinking about the types of people who are interested in your page. Find out what interests your audience, what they want to know or do, and create content around it.

Test your posting frequency for higher reach

Then, all you have to do is add targeting criteria during your next publications to increase your Reach. Add targeting criteria to increase your reach When it comes to knowing how often to post content on Facebook, there isn’t one magic formula that Bolivia Phone Numbers works for everyone. Big websites like Huffington Post publish a significant amount of content every day. But, this is not necessarily valid for any brand. Indeed, engagement decreases considerably when you post too often and this has a negative effect on reach. Frequency of publications and facebook reach The basic rule is to keep it between 1 to 3 posts / day But, you can post more often at very different times if for example you have an international audience.

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To be able to keep your organic reach figures for a Facebook page on track, follow the TEK INSIDE tips: One of the tips for having good reach for a Facebook page, marketers need to switch from frequent, untargeted post to targeted and selective posting. Each post posted on a branded Facebook page can target a specific audience whether sponsored or not !! Yes, Facebook provides the ability for businesses to target their sponsored and even organic posts. In fact, Facebook has promised better Reach to businesses that use this feature. You can activate it by going to your Page settings.Go to your Page settings and look for the option “News feed audience and publication visibility” Target your audience to increase your reach on facebook Click on “edit” and simply activate the feature by checking the box.

Be more selective about what you post

Research from Social Ogilvy, meanwhile, suggests that for pages with over 500,000 Likes, organic reach could be as low as 2%. Here are the reasons for the situation: There is too much content posted on Facebook, making visibility in the news feed more and more competitive Facebook is deliberately trying to show people what content is best for them, rather than addressing all the content available;Facebook has decided to give priority to the publications of the profiles to the detriment of those of the Pages Facebook is pushing paid advertising in order to dig deeper into your advertising dollars. Facebook is gradually “forcing” brands to pay in order to be visible.

High Reach for a Facebook Page: Useful Tips Posted on March 21, 2019by Ilham Tarriko | 1031 ViewsReach high facebook If you’ve managed a Facebook page in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed a drop in organic reach as well as the number of your fans interacting with your posts. In other words, what happened to your Reach? So the question is: Why is your Facebook organic reach still declining? In this article, your TEK INSIDE agency provides you with the answer. “A study by Edgerank Checker found that between February 2012 and March 2014, the organic reach of the average Facebook page fell from 16% to 6.5%.”

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