How Did You Choose

This might be an odd answer, but here are Belarus WhatsApp Number List the biggest things I love about freelancers. Being able to do something while everyone else is working. This is… honorable. And I don’t think I can go back to working on a fixed schedule. It’s also great to be able to Belarus WhatsApp Number List increase or decrease your hours depending on how much money you want to make. As long as you keep your fees low and have enough jobs, you can always scale up or down as needed. However, if I hadn’t lived in such a cheap place, I probably wouldn’t have felt that way!

Choose Your Niche

They don’t think about who will actually Belarus WhatsApp Number List read the article. You can write about the same topic ten different ways, depending on who will read it . If you don’t get your audience, you’re not going to do well on the piece. This is usually the only question Belarus WhatsApp Number List I ask most potential clients – “Who will read this?” Once you know this, you should naturally adjust the rest of the piece to match the audience. For example, if I was writing an article for power WordPress users, I wouldn’t spend 5 days explaining some basic WordPress functionality. I’m just glossing over it and getting into something more technical.

WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial

On the other hand, if I’m writing for a Belarus WhatsApp Number List beginner, I’ll still take the time to explain all the basic concepts. I’m not sure if I’m normal, but I’ve barely done extroverted work to develop my freelance work.  I only get about three or four clients through cold emails/job postings, and then everything else comes from snowballing bylines. This is a great benefit of choosing a tight niche for your freelancer.

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