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Before we dive in, i think it’s necessary to point out that the issuance. Of a patent does not mean that google Australia Mobile Number will implement everything (or even anything) in it. However, it illustrates the areas they are considering and are willing to invest significant time and money in protection. That said, these two patents contain ideas and Australia Mobile Number technologies that strongly reflect the direction. In which google is currently heading, and they indicate a stronger monetization strategy on mobile and voice devices. In this two-part series, i’ll walk you through some of the key points from each patent.

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Then i’ll talk about how information from these to patents combine to paint. A picture of a future where Australia Mobile Number research and task. Completion are vastly different than they are today. In this article, i’ll focus on the first patent, ” detecting and correcting Australia Mobile Number potential errors in user behavior .” to get a sense of the full scope of what google is aiming for here. I’ve highlighted excerpts from key sections of the patent, followed by my assessment of those sections. Of course, Abstract a Australia Mobile Number computing system predicts a future action to be taken. By a user of a computing device and determines.

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Australia Mobile Number
Australia Mobile Number

Moreover, Base on contextual information associated with the computing device. A current action taken by Australia Mobile Number the user. As well as, The computer system determines, based on the current action. A degree of probability whether the user will be able to take the future action and predicts. Based on the degree of probability, that the user Australia Mobile Number will not unable to take future action. Together with, The computing system sends information to the computing device indicating that the current. Action taken by the user will result in the user not being able. To take the future action. In the abstract, we understand that google.

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