How To Choose A Blog

First, we have to face the blank page. what are Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List you writing? Of course, you can take a path dictated by intuition. What do you think about writing? This can be a Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List productive path, especially if you want to write content that resonates naturally with the audience you want to reach. In most cases, however, this strategy—and more of a lack of it—results in poor and disappointing Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List results. Instead, it helps gain insight into what people are searching for (SEO), what they are sharing (social), and what questions and conversations your target audience has (feedback loop). We’ll cover each of these below.

Start With SEO Research

In general, search volume is a good Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List indicator of interest. When choosing an article title, if you have an option with a search volume of 100 and another option with a search volume of 1000, then you should probably choose the option with a Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List search volume of 1000 (assuming all other factors are equal). How do you start SEO research? it depends. One of my favorite ways is to start with creative brainstorming and ideation. Think about what you want to write. Create a Trello article idea board.

Topic Your Readers Love

Then, when outlining and writing the actual article, find out the top search terms you should be searching for. Let’s take the article idea “Blogging Tips” as an example. First, do a Google search for “blogging tips” and see what results come up. Depending on the terrain, can vary widely. For example, “Blogging Tips” results in a ton of informative blog posts, where keywords like “blogging software” are more transactional in nature This “intent” tells you what format your article should be in. Once you’ve determined the format, you can drill down and find specific keywords. With our idea, 

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