How To Define Your Conversion

The conversion funnel or the conversion funnel in marketing, is an essential process for any digitalized entity, it defines the stages through which all customers go before the finalization of the act of purchase and builds the cornerstone of any inbound strategy. . “The conversion funnel allows you in an automatic way to transform your visitors into prospects, then into customers, and finally from loyal customers to brand ambassadors. ” The tunnel can change from one company to another depending on the industry. In this article we will see the necessary steps to define your marketing conversion funnel efficiently. This is a key step in your buying process.

Generating a feed on your website allows you to have the first contact with your prospects. You can pass this step-through different elements: The distribution of quality content (blog articles, tutorials, tips and advice, etc.)Communication on social networks (Links that redirect to your website)Promotional communications implementation of call-in or free products 2. Generate leads (Visitors to prospects) After making an effort to attract visitors to your website, the challenge is to get their contact details before they leave. We offer you the following techniques: The landing page: A unique landing page on which the Internet user arrives after clicking on a download link, participation in a game or an advertising banner. Its main objective is to obtain information from the visitor.

Attract visitors to your website

Pop-ups : this is a small window that is automatically displayed when the visitor opens your website, it invites them to enter their contact details.The newsletter: Invite Internet users to subscribe to your newsletter. Here is an article showing you how to Croatia Phone Numbers optimize your newsletters: Optimize your newsletters qualitativelyOffer free content: This is one of the most effective techniques for generating leads (White papers, software or interesting content).Discount coupons or voucher. ‘Participation in quizzes to try to win prizes. 3. Categorize and segment This step consists of optimizing your database so that it can be used according to your objectives. The ideal is to categorize and segment this database through targeting criteria according to your business objectives. age rangeSocio-Professional CategoryGeographical areaSexEtc… This step will allow you to make a good targeting and make your communication personalized and effective.

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Get in touch with your prospects! This step consists in communicating with your prospects in order to direct them towards a product, to convince them or to advise them. There are several communication channels that will allow you to succeed in this step: Marketing automation’s-mailing reciblage (Remarketing et Retargeting)SMS campaignsWhatsapp campaigns CRM: le Customer Relationship Management 5. Retain your customers (Convert customers into ambassadors) Congratulation!! You’ve managed to get your first customers through this process, but your job is still not done. The loyalty stage is very important, because your customer will talk in one way or another about his customer experience to those around him, he will react on the level of social networks and will evoke your brand on the level of blogs and forums.

Turn prospects into customers

However, it will be necessary to implement some techniques to optimize this step. Optimize your purchasing processImprove. The customer experienceSet up an efficient after-sales service. You will certainly lose potential customers. At every step of your tunnel, the ideal is to be able to minimize these losses and correct the flaws. After setting up the marketing conversion funnel, it is imperative to test it and analyze the results. This will let you know if your process is working well. Canva is first and foremost a simple. Basic and effective tool for any community manager to avoid last minute unforeseen events. Canva as a tool for Community Manager Canva, tool for creating visuals What is Canva ? First and foremost, Canva is a tool with easy features that you can use right in your browser.

Then it allows you to create quality images and graphics. And also you can start with common templates for your social media profiles. Overview of the Canva platform Platform overview After creating your visual. You can upload your visuals as image files or PDF files. You can also choose to share them immediately on your social networks. 6. Giphy A GIF reaction is better than a long speech. One of the community manager’s favorite tools for finding GIFs is Giphy. Since, GIPHY is your main source for the best and latest animated GIFs & Stickers online, on the site you will find GIFs ranked by your click.

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