How to Get Better Leads Through Messaging

Highlight what you’re good at and what solutions you can provide – you’ll see plenty of action beyond those instant movers buying right away. Agents and Hybrids: How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Better Sales Leads – Messaging, Branding, and More Welcome to our fourth and final Benin WhatsApp Number installment in our Facebook Ad Mastery series. Today we’re talking about bringing in high-quality seller leads, buyer leads, building authority with your content, messaging for hybrid agents, and what to do if your ad is refused. We meet again with Kiley and JT from Silver street Marketing, focusing more on agents and investor/agent hybrids. However, the principles discussed apply to any type of business, even those unrelated to real estate.

Agents and Investors

When serving ads for motivated leads, agents and investors need to take a different approach. No matter what kind of track you’re looking for, keep their unique experience in mind. Your messaging will be different for someone who wants to sell in a few months versus someone who needs to sell urgently Agents will want to connect with prospects months in advance, while investors seek out those who need to sell immediately. Agents will want to show up to their prospects early, providing consistent value while prospects consider the sale When you add value, you can offer free CMA reports and market data. You can go further by creating content to help you with their situation. For example, an article titled: “5 Fixes to Help You Get an Extra $20,000 on the Sale of Your Home”.

Modify My Listings

Benin WhatsApp Number
Benin WhatsApp Number

How do I build long-term authority with my content? Adding value through content will also help position you as an authority. Regular content builds trust as well as your online presence. Your social presence is meaningful. You need to exist Facebook and Youtube are often used as search engines – your content should offer information and answer questions Celebrate your successes on our social media platforms by sharing the stories of those you have helped Include content that has nothing to do with real estate, just to get your name out there in your local community The key is to get people involved. Helping with charity events, creating content about your community, and resolving standard objections will help you find better quality leads.

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