I Think It’s Great

As content marketers and bloggers, Ukraine Phone Number List we not only write a lot, we read a lot. This is important work, don’t doubt it. First, we need to keep an eye on the pulse of what’s working and trending in content marketing. Second, we need to research and continue to Ukraine Phone Number List understand the field we are writing about. Third, sometimes we just need some inspiration. Trouble comes when you’re constantly reading content without “heads down” time to actually make it. This pattern of intermittent interruptions can really stress your process. Getting into the best shape can be really hard.

That Everyone Has A Basic

There are two layers of editing tasks Ukraine Phone Number List important and tedious. Important tasks are things that (yet) cannot be outsourced to robots or even interns. They are things like building an overall Ukraine Phone Number List brand voice, telling a compelling story, and optimizing your content for SEO or social. Tedious tasks are things like spell checking, grammar, and fixing mistakes that, in a fully caffeinated situation, may never happen. Therefore, there is a spell check feature in Google Docs. But there’s also grammar, which is a damn lifesaver. Here’s another Chrome extension that’s freemium. You can get a lot of miles from the free version.

Understanding Of The Data

Wonder is a straightforward app to Ukraine Phone Number List do your research for you. Give them a topic or question and they’ll come back with statistics, sources and facts. It’s really cool to get the basics on the subject. If you do need more custom research, Upwork has a ton Ukraine Phone Number List of freelancers who can do your research and put together an easy-to-read report. While you may still need to go beyond this (you probably will), this gets you started and removes a lot of the heavy lifting.

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