In Most Cases

Communicate via email. Simple Now that I’m growing a content marketing agency, I’m constantly tweaking the system. My favorite tool right now is actually Air table because it’s basically a spreadsheet and a project management tool combined (it also has a great UX). We have established a board of directors which firstly includes all the principles and documents of our company. This is a good checkpoint. We also include our clients and their content roadmaps as well as our committee of freelance writers.

Choose Domain Expertise

We can assign each writer to a given client and map Finland Phone Number List out the specific topic they write about for them. This allows cross-propagation of ideas from all of our writers and gives us a high-level management view of what everyone is doing and when it’s due. We still work through Google Drive because of the collaboration capabilities, but we’d love to try other tools built for large content teams, like Air story. We attach a Google Docs draft to every writing assignment on Air table. After all, we have a great single source of truth for our full client-side workflow. Plus, authors can see it all (and of course, they can filter their own workflows and jobs so they don’t get overwhelmed with data).

Over Beautiful Writing

When someone emails you, completes a draft, or asks a question, reply right away. Answers should be quick, clear, and as short as possible. Never be a bottleneck.” It’s not cool to wait about 4 days to respond and block the whole workflow due to your editor’s incompetence. This will also train writers and others who work with you to expect your slow work and train them to be slow to respond to you. It’s a domino effect that leads to a dirty, dirty system that leans toward mediocrity.

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