iQIYI Experience Thailand Phone Number Report: Analysis of iQIYI’s Functional Sections

This article mainly takes different sections Thailand Phone Number as the starting point to discuss the core functions and subsidiary functions of iQIYI as a video website; iQIYI’s business model; iQIYI’s direction of breaking the circle.

 Products and Demand

iQIYI is a powerful and complete video app that meets the entertainment needs of users.

The function of a video website is to provide video playback services. For users, the purpose of using video websites is to watch videos, and the inherent needs of watching videos are divided into learning needs and entertainment needs.

iQIYI’s positioning is “China’s high-quality video Thailand Phone Number entertainment service provider”, and most of the videos provided by the platform belong to the entertainment scope, meeting the entertainment needs of users. iQIYI meets the basic needs and expectations of users.

Using the KANO demand model to analyze, the needs of users are divided into basic needs, anticipation needs, and exciting needs. The basic demand of users for video websites is to watch videos, and iQIYI provides powerful video playback services. The user experience is impeccable and meets the basic

User portrait

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iQIYI’s users are mainly young people from first- and second-tier cities.

Gender: Males are slightly higher than females.


There are more male users, accounting for 53.5%, and fewer female users, accounting for 46.5%. Male users are 7 percentage points higher than female Thailand Phone Number users (in competing products. There are more male users than female users, Tencent Video has 7.04% more, and Youku has 8.74% more) . Relatively speaking, the ratio of male users to female users is not much different.

Age: Mostly young people.


Among the users, the age of 24 and below accounts for 31.16%, which is 4.65% and 8.05% higher than the second and third respectively. The top three users are 35 and below, accounting for 80.78%. 61.56% higher than users over 35 years old. In general, young people use it more, and it decreases with age.

Region: Most economically developed regions.


In terms of the distribution of user administrative regions, users are mostly distributed in central and coastal provinces. These regions have developed economies and high Internet penetration rates, and the demand for video entertainment is even stronger.

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