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For years, the digital marketing world has asked the question. Is now the year of mobile. But at this point, we USA Phone Number are clearly past the year of mobile. And now we are in the “mobile crisis era”. Instead of considering whether we should include a potential mobile audience. We assess the impact of our lackluster approach to mobile on our USA Phone Number long-term sales and revenue. Google has been steadily updating its role in the world of mobile users, from simple market entry. To higher expectations for how we treat mobile users and now. To real engagement both from the front. End (extended text ads, bid modifiers, responsive ads and possibly voice search).

Google Research USA Phone Number

and back-end optimizations (site responsiveness, speed and layout) for the smartphone user. Note: bing USA Phone Number also has its own site speed tester. But across the board more content is written about bing mobile targeting than bing . We know all that, but the question becomes, “is it really worth it?” besides being punished in google’s mobile USA Phone Number search results. How can we explain to customers or internal teams the impact of our poor mobile experience. How to make the argument again. The motive is there now. In fact, it was here yesterday, and even half a decade ago.

The Argument USA Phone Number

USA Phone Number
USA Phone Number

Our customers and internal departments don’t need to be convinced of this fact. They need to be USA Phone Number assured that your plan to attract these users is sound. Mobile marketing is not an “annual strategy” topic. It’s not even a qbr slide. Mobile is something everyday. Whether you’re avoiding, targeting. Or really talking to mobile users, you USA Phone Number should regularly practice optimizations. Reviews, and conversations about the 77% of americans who own smartphones. How to win the argument the USA Phone Number best way to win an argument is. To frame it in terms of challenger values.

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