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keyword rankings, and compare this information to your top competitors — and their estimated PPC spend. You can also view your Google Analytics to get a complete picture of your current status. where did you come from? Where do they get off? How much time do they spend on your website? Find as much relevant data as possible to show where your opportunities lie,

Estimated return

Examples might include a contact form, a South Korea Phone Number List seamless checkout experience, an enticing career page, or even an offer calculator. This gives you a great opportunity to check out other businesses’ websites (related or not) and create a wish list for your own. You will also need to review your technical search engine optimization (SEO) incorporation.

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Competitor analysis can be your key to reasoning why your company needs to transform its marketing approach. You can use Moz ‘s or SEM Rush’s free tools to determine your site’s traffic, inbound links 88% of consumers research their buying behavior online before making a decision, Converting those goals into dollars, your digital marketing strategy

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