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Ever since google rolled out hummingbird in 2013. The value of keyword research has come up. The Guatemala Mobile Number shift from a keyword-driven to a topic-driven process has led. Some to downplay the long and arduous process of keyword research. Many wonder if it is even worth it. After all, if google is no longer looking at keywords (hummingbird) and people are no longer searching. With keywords (voice search), we Guatemala Mobile Number don’t need to search for keywords, right. Fake! As with most predictions about the death of all things web marketing. How is this guest blogging fork going? – more often than not, they turn out to be false.

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And in the case of keyword research, it turns out that it’s just as important. Today as it was in 2012. Maybe Guatemala Mobile Number more. No, i don’t have a keyword research tool to sell you. But i want to make sure you don’t pass up keyword research. Because you think it’s irrelevant to today’s seo. I could give you a dozen reasons why keyword Guatemala Mobile Number research is still important. Oh look, i have! Plus one more for good measure. 🙂 1. News niche dominance there’s no better way to get a complete picture of any topic. You want to dominate than to do some keyword research on that topic.

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Guatemala Mobile Number
Guatemala Mobile Number

Whether you want to write an exhaustive article or a series of articles. Keyword research will show Guatemala Mobile Number you all the possible shades of information that searchers are interested in. Keyword research will not only help you write content for your products or services. But it will also give you plenty of ammunition for all your Guatemala Mobile Number other content, such as blog posts, e-books. White papers, infographics , etc. Due to low search volume, keyword phrases that are questions tend to be ignored. But don’t completely neglect these issues.

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