Let Keywords Inform

Maybe users won’t click on your content at all, affecting your CTR. If your dwell time and CTR start to drop, your bounce rate will go up. A high Malaysia WhatsApp Number List bounce rate can lead to a drop in search engine rankings. Therefore, it may be difficult for you to appear in front of potential clients. Also take the time to research your competitors before using keywords in Malaysia WhatsApp Number List your content. You can learn from their successes and failures. First, take a look at the blog posts they’ve written. Take note of the different topics they cover. See if you can also identify target keywords for your posts. Then, start reading through the post. Look at the styles they use. Consider the information they offer readers.

Inform Your Content

Which posts have the highest search engine Malaysia WhatsApp Number List rankings? Which has the most comments? Checking out their previous posts can help you decide which SEO keywords to rank for. Once you have a better understanding of who your customers are, you can start developing a keyword strategy. Start by creating a list of topics you want to cover. Choose a Malaysia WhatsApp Number List topic related to your product, service or industry. Otherwise, work with an experienced digital marketing agency. They can collect keyword research for you. When you use these tools, look for long-tail keywords consisting of four or more words. 

Continue To Collect Data

On the other hand, a one-word keyword can provide Malaysia WhatsApp Number List millions of results. You may struggle to rank for single-word keywords. Once you’ve done your keyword research, you can start using your keyword strategy. Start creating content based on the keywords you Malaysia WhatsApp Number List collect. Avoid writing posts and then adding keywords to them. Otherwise, your keywords may appear unnatural in your content. These keywords are more precise. If you focus on long-tail keywords, you’ll be more likely to attract users’ search intent.

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