Machine learning technologies will become involved

Machine learning technologies will become involved in all phases of marketing, so having experts in this field will be essential. The most promising candidates are those with a background in mathematics, statistics, physics and programming, especially with languages ​​such as Python or Scala. 8) Omnichannel Commerce Strategist What do you need: Postgraduate training in psychology or neuroscience. Critical thinking. Be familiar with data analysis, marketing strategy, project management, user experience, and rapid prototyping. Only on LinkedIn you can find hundreds of open offers for digital marketing profiles related to the omnichannel.


The omnichannel commerce strategist

Position is relatively new Peru Phone Number but it will be one of the most in-demand positions in the coming years. Omnichannel experts must be able to understand how to use new technologies to achieve maximum impact online and offline, all in real time. In addition, they must also be able to understand all aspects of the business to provide comprehensive solutions. 9) AI developer with voice recognition What do you need: Degree in computer science or linguistics. Experience with JavaScript and Python, as well as Alexa.


Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana projects

Peru Phone Number

Speech recognition is the latest in artificial intelligence and is becoming one of the most common ways to interact with mobile devices. For this reason, digital marketers need to be able to create their own artificial intelligence solutions. Immediately, the most promising and current solution in this field are voice assistants, which must be able to understand the natural language of users and provide them with a fluid experience. 10) Retail Hologram Designer What do you need: Bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in computer science or 3D design. The simulated reality of the Matrix is ​​about to hit your mall.

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