Many Switzerland Phone Number Different Options on a Landing Page After Promising

Imagine your target customer sitting on a couch and scrolling through their social media. Between a few friends’ posts Switzerland Phone Number and the pages they follow, she sees an announcement of a sale on your e-commerce site. The user clicks on the ad and is taken to an internal page on your site.

This is called a landing page and it must be created by you on your e-commerce site.

By definition, landing pages have one simple goal: to convert. Businesses create landing pages because they want visitors to their website to do something specific. You can create a landing page on almost anything, you just need to have a clear goal in mind.


It can be a promotion, sale, special offer, new product launch, a new collection, free trial, etc.

There is one important detail you need keep in mind. Whatever the purpose of your landing page, it should be dedicat to a single offer and it should target.

Do you know the rules for creating landing pages? Nope? Keep reading and hopefully by the end of the article you will have a better understanding of what a landing page is and how to create one that sells.



Do You Know the Difference?

However, before we continue with the best practices on how to Netherlands Mobile Number design a landing page that sells, let’s clarify why this idea is flawed.

First of all, the two pages have Switzerland Phone Number completely different communication functions.

The homepage is the default page of your site where you place general information about your company and its products. It also contains your main brand message.

Switzerland Phone Number

Second, the purpose of the homepage is to showcase the content. The site as a whole invite customers to browse it and get Switzerland Phone Number to know your brand. On your homepage, you can place multiple offers, call-to-action buttons, and links. Users “land” on it after clicking on an ad. The landing page complements or mirrors the ad and its message.

You should not distract users with several different offers and action options. You cannot have multiple call-to-action buttons such as “Subscribe to a newsletter”, “Download this free eBook”, “Buy now”, “Learn more”, etc. Having so many different options on a landing page after promising something in the ad is confusing and will distract your customers.

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