Online education layoffs, how are young people who are suddenly unemployed? New Zealand Mobile Number

The education and training industry is shaking, how should young professionals plan for the future?

The wave of layoffs is sweeping the entire online education industry, and the total number of employees affected may exceed one million. The shock of the education and training industry is only New Zealand Mobile Number a microcosm of the thousands of industry shocks

The shock of the K12 industry continues.

Wu Qing is a product manager of New Oriental, responsible for making the App of New Oriental online courses, which is connected to the offline K12 education business. New Oriental’s K12 business mainly relies on offline small classes to make profits. Make-up classes during major holidays support schools, teachers and a group of related business personnel.

Wu Qing told me that there is a high probability that New Oriental will lay off the school, and the business and sales are basically on the list of layoffs. Although his product technology department has the least impact, it will also optimize personnel.

The first is the enormous competitive pressure

Therefore, this wave of job seekers from the education industry has reached an unprecedented number, and they will flood into various industries to compete for opportunities in the existing jobs. The New Zealand Mobile Number upcoming Golden Nine Silver Ten is not so much a peak recruitment season as it is a competition exam.

 From young people to middle and senior executives, it is a competitive exam

Online education salaries have always created industry “legends”, and news of internet celebrity teachers with an annual salary of millions is endless, and Michelle is one of them. She has just graduated a year or two and has no work experience. With a diploma in education from the world’s top famous school, she was scrambled by several leading education companies when recruiting, and finally one paid a salary of more than 1 million.

After working for nearly ten years, he also fell into confusion. Just a few months ago, he just jumped here from a big factory. His leader told him that this is the most promising field. Capital likes it and there are many opportunities. However, in just a few months, the world has changedWu Qing did not know when he would also receive a layoff notice.

In this regard, June is not so optimistic:

New Zealand Mobile Number
New Zealand Mobile Number

After all, they have not worked for a long time and the switching cost is low. However, they also faced a lot of helplessness.


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