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Focus on Money-Making activities Delegate to Colombia Phone Numbers others as much as possible By doing this you will see an immediate increase in your ability to work ‘on’ your online business, rather than getting stuck ‘in’ the day to day running of it. Lateral Thinking shares an implicit relationship with Leverage… Lateral Thinking This is the concept of looking at things from a different Colombia Phone Numbers point of view. You can increase profits significantly by doing simple things to “Add Value” in ways that others are not. In other words, continually look at you business and ask yourself questions such as: How can we do, Colombia Phone Numbers what we do, better? What do our clients want that they are not getting currently?

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Could we use affiliate marketing to grow our Colombia Phone Numbers online business? Do we currently use the internet to effectively market our business? Could we join forces with another online business to cross-promote our products? Could we use our knowledge to create another Colombia Phone Numbers product? What I am suggesting here is to take some time out to brainstorm ideas around your online business. This is a difficult for most small business owners to do because they see it as wasted and Colombia Phone Numbers unproductive time – nothing could be further from the truth…

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Some of the most successful companies in Colombia Phone Numbers the world allow themselves and their employees lateral thinking time – Google, Apple and 3M immediately come to mind. Many of Google’s most successful products have originated from this process. Now, I’m not Colombia Phone Numbers suggesting that you have to take 1 day a week (as Google does) to undertake this process – they have high operating margins and significant leverage. However, I would encourage you to consider ‘opening your Colombia Phone Numbers mind’ for at least a couple of hours each week. I am sure that you will find it a valuable and profitable experience if you stick to it! Testing If you can start your online business with

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