People are gradually able to explore the changes of matter under various extreme conditions. I believe there are many interesting

This is called the “adhesion” of water, that is, the container wall has an attractive force for water molecules. So why don’t the walls of the container pull the water all the way up, but stop there? On the one hand, it is gravity, and on the other hand, it is the viscous force that “pulls the hind legs” between water molecules. The water molecules want to climb up along the wall of the cup, but the viscosity is like he is not climbing alone, but he is carrying his family and carrying luggage, so he can’t climb when he climbs to a certain height. 02 Author provided Schematic diagram of the influence of different fluid adhesion.


Ordinary fluids, such as water in Figure

Can only climb to a limit. Height Namibia Phone Number due to their large viscous force  superfluids . No viscosity and do not affect each other between molecules. It can climb along the container wall as shown in figure .Or even run out of the container At this time,.Readers can probably think of what is going on with superfluid. Such as the superfluid molecules of special forces.It only needs to be able to climb up by itself to climb along the. Wall of the container. The end result is that the superfluid forms a film just one. Molecule thick on the walls of the container, wrapping the entire container. The fluid extending out of the container will converge at the bottom of the container under the influence of gravity and fall downward, forming the peculiar phenomenon of the superfluid “escaping the container”. Before the discovery of superfluidity, no one expected matter to exhibit such drastically different properties when cooled to extremely low temperatures.


With the advancement of science and technology

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People are gradually able to explore the changes of matter under various extreme conditions. I believe there are many interesting phenomena waiting for us. annotation In addition to helium-4, its isotope helium-3 also exhibits superfluid properties at nearer absolute temperatures (0.0026K). Because this property is very similar to the superconductor’s “no potential difference inside the superconductor”, it is name”superfluid”. References Superfluidity Pyotr Kapitsa Biographical The Strange. Frictionless World of Superfluids This article  publish with the authorization of the National Taiwan University Science Education Development Center . And the original text was publish here Further reading “Antiparticles” sound like science fiction. And they have gradually entered our lives in various forms. Choking the newborn calf of the Nobel Prize winner.Have you calculated it in detail? No? I have calculated it!”

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