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After hosting brandcast and i/o, google capped off a busy month. Of announcements with performance summit, the new name for their combined. Adwords and analytics launch Uganda Mobile Number event. I was lucky enough to be invited to a press event where. I was able to ask questions of sridhar ramaswamy and jerry dischler, my former colleagues at google, and now senior heads. Of engineering and product management Uganda Mobile Number adwords. The announced changes should by now. Be familiar to anyone in the ppc industry (this site did a good roundup of the announcement). But your preparation game plan may still be up in the air (as are the specific details of google’s launch). So i’ll share my thoughts on 10 ways to prepare for what’s coming soon to adwords expanded text ads not all ads. Were priced equally at the event. But expanded text ads were one of the headliners.

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It has also been very well received by advertisers. Probably because google is teasing a 20% increase in ctr Uganda Mobile Number thanks to the additional 50% ad text space. As well documented in several articles on the topic of ad rank and quality score. An increase in ctr generally produces increases in quality score and a corresponding decrease in cpc. Needed to maintain the same ad rank. Changes to adwords expanded Uganda Mobile Number text ads but obtaining these benefits. Will also require a significant effort from advertisers, who will have to update all their ads. Until that moment arrives. Here are a few other things you can do today to start preparing.

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Uganda Phone Number
Uganda Phone Number

Test long titles today this is a fairly well-known adwords hack. You can already test “long headline ads” by ending description line 1 with an end-of-sentence punctuation Uganda Mobile Number mark. This makes this ad eligible to display its first line of description next to the title. Long headline ad when you add punctuation after line 1, it can be added after your title to give your ad a long title. And a bigger link for users to click on. Click to enlarge. By keeping the description line between one and 30 Uganda Mobile Number characters (the character limit for the next heading 2). You can already test which combination of heading 1 and heading 2 gives the best results.

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