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This is because the number of customers is the ultimate measure of your success in social media marketing . If you’ve really found the right people and engaged them.  Whatever approach your business takes to social media. Take this list as a starting point and start measuring your performance today.  It helps you track conversions from Facebook ads. also optimize ads based on collected data. Create targeted audiences for future ads, and generate qualified leads. In other words, this analysis tool is reliable and relevant. For the orientation of your strategy in terms of community management and other digital communication tools .

Traffic data What percentage of your site traffic comes from social media? If you invest a lot of time and effort in your social media content, you’ll want to make sure this number reflects what you said. Indeed, community management is really successful if it translates into conversions. 4. Evaluate the capacity of your community management to generate leads To make sure you’re getting the best ROI from your social media, you need to ask yourself: How many of these engaged fans are actually interested in our offering? You can’t answer this question if you don’t measure lead generation on your social media. If you don’t generate leads, you’re either on the wrong platform or your content isn’t relevant to your target audience. Evaluating your community management is knowing what it does to attract and retain customers.

Assess community management in more

Criticism and general discussion are all helpful in improving your visibility. Profile visits This KPI (key performance indicator) is not as important as the others, because you cannot really measure the purchase intention. But profile visits indicate an Chile Phone Numbers interest in your brand, beyond your last post. 3- Evaluate the reach / reach The Reach shows how many people have potentially seen your post or that it has been made available. Unlike engagement, which has definitive answers like X number of likes , reach is actually just an estimate. To learn more, you can read this article which offers tips for having a high reach on Facebook . You can measure reach by tracking the following KPIs:

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The commitment encompasses several indicators, namely: Clicks: The clicks on the links reflect the quality of the text and the visual included in your message. Good overall engagement with a low number of clicks indicates that you need to work on how you deliver your content. The “likes” A significant number of likes shows that this content deserves a higher place in the search results. The “Sharing” Sharing is a conscious decision. When someone shares / retweet your post, they are giving a personal recommendation to their friends, colleagues and family. Because of this, shares are a great indication of the quality of your content. Comments Interesting and relevant content sparks conversation.

Attracting and retaining customers

A list of indicators is essential for community managers to assess and boost their strategies on social networks. Here’s how to measure community management 1- Social media subscribers / fans The number of fans is a way to quickly assess your position on all your social platforms, since it is a united community that you must animate and guide if necessary, hence the essence of the word community management. At a glance, social media managers can get the initial information they need to focus on: the overall growth of their social fans. 2- Evaluate audience engagement Social media engagement indicates how users interact with different brands.

A communication strategy focused on social media needs community management, an activity that seems complex but needs to be evaluated. However, without quantifiable results, you cannot know whether you have succeeded in your strategy or not. So, it is for this reason that developing a fundamental understanding of KPIs is crucial, it helps you formulate a clear answer to the question, “How are we doing?” ” TEK INSIDE presents the best indicators to measure your performance on social networks. “A key performance indicator is a measurable value that indicates how effectively a company is meeting its goals. ” Companies use KPIs to measure and also to monitor the progress of their goals.


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